Specific Elements of a Safety Policy for Tree Care Companies

There are specific statements and elements your comprehensive safety policy should contain. They will help to not only reflect the company's philosophy and the intent of the company's safety policy, but also give specific information and guidance to employees about safety.

The Comprehensive Safety Policy should contain:

  1.0 - A strongly worded affirmative statement that acknowledges and supports the company's safety responsibility
  2.0 - Titles, positions, and locations of those responsible for policy design, enforcement, and modification
  3.0 - A system for any employee to report violations of safety rules confidentially
  4.0 - Documentation that establishes that the policy was given to all employees, posted prominently, and included in policy manuals
  5.0 - A statement that supervisors are held to act as agents for the company
  6.0 - A statement that any deviation from known policy by supervisors will not be tolerated
  7.0 - A process to address how questions are to be answered and emergencies handled
  8.0 - The penalties for employees who don't follow safety rules
  9.0 - The Policy meets in full the industry standards for arboriculture and safety set forth at N.J.A.C. 7:3A-8.1.
          (Conformance with certain industry standards such as ANSI Z133 – 2012: Safety Standards for Arboricultural Operations and applicable OSHA regulations)
10.0 - Equipment Inspection Schedule
11.0 - Mobile Equipment Inspection Schedule
12.0 - PPE Inspection Schedule
13.0 - Traffic Control around Work Zone
14.0 - Accident/Incident Report
15.0 - Safety Policy closing with a signature place for employees to acknowledge

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